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1. Trendy fashion, trendy personality;
2. novel, intelligent, cutting-edge;
3. It is made of titanium steel, which is not easy to be deformed, not easy to rust, smooth and shiny, and comfortable to wear;
4. Ergonomic design, rounded inner arc, comfortable to wear, not easy to scratch;
5. A temperature-sensitive ring that changes with temperature. It is worn on the finger for 20-30 seconds. Different colors can appear in the black part of the ring.

There is a process of heating and cooling, and the temperature is also sensed as the environment changes; the temperature sensing paper in the ring needs to reach a certain temperature to display the temperature; (when the temperature is not displayed, the other hand can be used. meeting)

When the temperature is unstable, multiple temperatures will be displayed. It is recommended to wear more than one time. For a long time, only the number of hand temperature will be brightened; if it is multiple colors, the green display will prevail;

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