Casual Intimates Satin Silk Pajamas Women Nightdress Lingerie Lace Underwear Sleepwear Leopard

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Please refer to the size chart for attribute selection.Fashion clothing, shoes, men's and women's clothing! Cheap price!Clothing accessories, various collocations!!!
Satin Silk Pajamas Women Nightdress Lingerie Lace Underwear Sleepwear Leopard
 Material: polyester fiber
 Season: four seasons
 Style:  style
 Type: Lace pajamas
 Washing: hand washing
 Location: Honeymoon, wedding night, lingerie party, Valentine's Day, etc.
 Packing: 1 Set of lace satin pajamas
 The main material of this underwear is polyester fiber, which is very  and beautiful and can better set off your body.
 You can buy it yourself or give it to a friend.
 Please choose the right size according to similar clothing.
 When you sleep at home, you can feel comfortable.
 It is recommended to wash by hand at a water temperature of about 30 degrees.
   Size: S Bust: 90-95cm/36.6-37.4" Waist: 70-75cm/27.5-29.5"
Size: M Bust: 94-99cm/37.0-38.9" Waist: 75-80cm/29.5-31.4"
Size: L Bust: 99-103cm/38.9-40.5" Waist: 80-85cm/31.4-33.4"
Size: XL Bust: 103-107cm/40.5-42.1" Waist: 85-90cm/33.4-35.4"
Size: XXL Bust: 107-111cm/42.1-43.7" Waist: 90-95cm/35.4-37.4"
Size: XXXL Bust: 111-115cm/43.7-45.3" Waist: 95-100cm/37.4-39.4"
Size: XXXXL Bust: 115-119cm/45.3-46.9" Waist: 100-105cm/39.4-41.4"